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All gone for good

We had some great moments
We had the time of our lives
But after many disagreements
Only the anger survives

I still think of you each day
With lots of pain in my heart
Wished that I didnít runaway
That our love didnít fall apart

But itís all gone for good
Canít you hear me cry?
Havenít you understood?
We had to say goodbye
We had to let it go
We had to let it go

One day you tried to call me
I didnít answer the phone
I didnít want you to see me
Although I felt so alone

Now many times have gone by
Since that day I left you
And we both still wonder why,
Why this has to be true

No one can ever bring back
The feelings I had for you
But I want you to know
I havenít forgotten about you

Still have those nasty dreams
Where I have to let you go
And every time my heart screams
ĎCause it misses you so

Just want to say Iím sorry
For leaving you behind
But we had to let it go
We just had to let it goÖ

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